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Old 05-26-2005, 12:15 AM   #11
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On the front of the computer there should be a name of your computer...." Dell something or another" Please don't go posting anymore pictures. It was a good idea but very foolish for that particular item.
I think I found the product number on the power button: OPTIPLEX GX240.

I didn't know I couldn't post pictures...I edited my post. I realize now it was foolish, but I just wanted to know how to find the product number...and I spent a lot of time on it...waste of time..but this is all for an mmorpg so umm...

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Default Re: Installing Graphic Card

Thanks setishock.
Now that he removed the posting I will explain as to why. You posted an activation key for your Operating system. That number should always be protected and not just openly displayed for someone to copy and possibly use. If they use it then you lose your abillity to reinstall your system if you need to. You would have to purchase another activation key in order to use your computer.

The optiplex is what I needed and will get right back to you.

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Default Re: Installing Graphic Card

Ok that unit is a convertable desktop and has TWO pci slots that can be utillized for installing a pci graphics card. There are some functions that you must do in the bios(set up) so as to be able to use the card after it is installed.

Enter system setup and make sure that Primary Video Controller under the Integrated Devices option is set correctly. Then exit system setup properly to save the information, and reboot the computer.

For a PCI expansion card, set Primary Video Controller to Auto.

to enter set up:
Turn on (or restart) your computer.

When Press <F2> to Enter Setup appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, press <F2> immediately.

If you wait too long and the Microsoft® Windows® Windows logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.

You may be able to return that AGP card to where you got it and exchange it for a PCI video card of like designs.

Now the computer you have is designed for business applications and not really set up for use as high end gaming... Don't expect miracles from it and this is about all you can do to upgrade the computer also.As a business machine the unit is a great workhorse with some great security features for adminastrators.

Hope this all helps you

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