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Default Inside my PC

I have a Dell Dimension 4600i, with 1 Gig of RAM and ~2.80 GHz of Processor... 380 GB of HD space, I am having a bit of trouble with the ram though. I plan to upgrade to 3 GB of RAM. It has 4 slots for RAM and each slot can hold 1 GB, it said on www.crucial.com that the RAM needed to be installed in pairs, so I tried to move one stick over but since there was so many wires I couldn't get it installed in right; so I ended up putting the 512 back in the first set and the other one kept in the second set alone since I simply could not see. When I get the two gigs of RAM, can I put 1 gig next to 1 512 MB in each pair of slots? Or does it need to be 512 and 512? Either way, I can't see through all the cords to get it clicked in on both sides. Any suggestions? Also, I am going to install a GFX card soon and I have no idea what is the GFX card, I found a card near the back of the Dell and there was 2 other slots like the one the card was in, are these GFX Card slots?



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Default Re: Inside my PC

so you are going to have 2x 1gb + 2x 512mb ram sticks in there? In that case you want to check the manual about dual channel stuff, or see if the ram slots are different colours. You would want the 1gb ones running in dual channel with each other and the 512mb ones together. This is of course if the mobo supports dual channel, but all of the newer ones do.

It really doesn't matter so much, it should work anyway. But I'd still try to get the 1gb sticks working as a pair.

As for the vid card slot, the one you are talking about is PCI since you said there were a total of 3 of them. PCI can accept all kinds of stuff, including vid cards. If there is AGP or PCI-e then you would want to get a vid card for those since they are a lot faster and support better cards.

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Default Re: Inside my PC

Check you motherboard for a PCI express slot preferably. An agp will work, but its outdated. Right now PCI e has the widest range of cards.
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Default Re: Inside my PC

Well I'm just not sure where everything is . The little pegs on the side are cream colored and black colored, the things that hook the RAM in I mean.


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