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Lightbulb Insanely annoying Computer troubles! :(

Hi guys,

I recently bought all the bits for a new rig off Overclockers and have been having some problems with it and they are the furthest thing from helpful, so thought if you guys would be able to help at all?

The problem is: on first boot I got a message about needing to set up the BIOS. I did so, the system powered down but never came back on. Hitting the power button would set the fans going for about 5 seconds before the system died again.

After clearing the BIOS using the jumpers the system would ask me to setup BIOS again, I loaded optimised defaults and the computer reset, again failing to turn back on. After manually repowering the system displayed an 'overclocking failed' message, and ask me to set up BIOS again. Doing so put me back to the 5 seconds of fan phase, requiring another BIOS clearing. (After the initial splash screen a message would pop up saying no HDD detected, then go back to the splash screen before displaying the 'setup BIOS' message again)

I found that going into BIOS and choosing to quit without saving (which doesn't require a reboot) would allow me to load the windows installer, and get that running (having to enter BIOS and quit without saving changes each time it rebooted). The system worked in this fashion for a brief period, getting hit with the 'setup BIOS' on every reboot and just entering BIOS and quitting without saving. I guessed the Mobo was broken in some fashion... I tested the battery with a voltmeter to see if that's why it was losing the BIOS settings but that was working properly.

I tried flashing the BIOS to the latest version, after which it managed to successfully turn itself back on once, though still giving me the 'setup BIOS' message. After a few more iterations of entering BIOS and quitting to mess around in windows, I now just get the 5 seconds of fan and it dies. I've tried playing with all the switches on the board, tested the RAM with the memOK button (it was indeed OK) but nothing has fixed it.

I sent them back the board and they sent me a replacement B3 Revised one but still having all the same problems.

Anyone had this problem or know what it could be?

Thanks in advance


Motherboard: Asus P8P67
Motherboard Chipset: Intel P67
Motherboard BIOS: 1305
CPU: i5 2500k
Memory: 2x2 Corsair XMS3
PSU: Antect TruePower 750w
Graphics: Nvidia GTX480
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