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Default Ie

Can anyone shed some light on this? How do I completely remove it from my system? Is it possible. I just want it out. Random I know. CCleaner doesn't have an option for it neither does Control Panel -> Add/Remove.

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Default Re: Ie

How Do I Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP?
Unfortunately, there is no safe method to remove Internet Explorer from Windows XP.

Internet Explorer is more than just a browser. It works as an underlying technology behind a number of internal Windows XP processes including updating, basic Windows functionality and more.

There are methods outlined on some other websites that appear to fully remove Internet Explorer and provide workarounds for the problems that removing it causes, but I don't recommend them. In my experience, removing IE causes too many problems to be worth it, even with the workarounds.

Even though removing Internet Explorer isn't a wise option, you most certainly can safely disable Internet Explorer and use your alternative browser as the one and only way to access the Internet on your Windows XP PC.
Uninstalling Internet Explorer... the Smart Way
Removing IE from Windows isn't a piece of cake, as you've discovered by now. When you uninstalled it in the add/remove control panel, I expect you merely uninstalled the recently-released IE7, which just rolled you back to IE6.

Prior to Windows XP, you could physically remove IE from a computer (though it wasn't always easy), but with XP, to satisfy various antitrust rulings, Microsoft changed this while making it easy to "disable" IE without actually removing any of the files it uses. Why? Because all sorts of programs and OS functions use various pieces of IE. Deleting the files that comprise it, as you mentioned late in your message, is actually quite dangerous to your computer's stability.

If you want a minimal trace of IE on your machine, go into the Add or Remove Programs control panel and click on "Add/Remove Windows Components," on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to Internet Explorer and uncheck it. (It will say the option is 0KB in size; this is normal, since, as described above, you aren't deleting any actual files, just making them invisible as a web browsing system. See screenshot for how this looks.) After this, IE won't show up in any menus or on your desktop, and it won't ever launch as a web browser. (You can still use IE Tab if you need IE's rendering system. To reinstall IE, just reverse the process above and recheck the box.)

That said, I just leave IE intact and tell Firefox to be my default web browser. That option is in Firefox under Tools > Options > Main tab. At the bottom make sure the option "Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup" is checked. Frankly, I wouldn't bother worrying much about IE as long as you never have to actually use it...

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Default Re: Ie

Thank you. I figured IE was used for other stuff, but I didn't know it was a crucial component to windows. I also never noticed the Add/Remove Windows Components. I had it mostly removed (shortcuts and such), but it still launched from some apps. Next time I reformat, I'll probably ditch Windows and run some type of Linux. Thanks again.
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