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Default i7 computer build question.

I have been saving up for new computer since early april last year and I was thinking about building a i7 gaming computer but there are some things I want you to know... my current pc is a amd64 athlon 3400+ it serves me well in games such as Counter Strike and Call of duty UO but I think its time to let her go to the realm of FreeBSD or be a dedicated server for one of my games.

the thing is I like to use the same computer for a long time so that my parts MUST be above 4 stars in the user rating. I have never built a computer before but have worked on the inner components long enough to know where most things go and if a issue comes up I know what to do . In the computer the gpu is a 9600gt which sucks all the power out of my 300w stock psu I was thinking I could just take that out and put it in the new computer same with the cd and DVD and media drives. The price range of this rig is $800 to $1300. since windows 7 was coming out soon I did not know if that would be the best thing to run it on or that there would be a processor from amd better than i7. (I would only buy it if there is a huge difference in price) I also plan to buy another 9600 GT to sli on the mobo later on.

I plan to use this computer for Gaming and open source music and programming and file storage
here is my list on tigerdirect










added internal cooling:

I am open to change almost any of those things and your input would be very appreciated
****I have windows home vista home basic 32-bit. Would a 64-bit version make any difference????? ?****
*notice no CD, DVD, or removable media drives I already have some *

>>Later post:
is there any tools that do not come with the product that I need for sure like grounding and screw drivers? odds and ends a newbie should be aware of?

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Default Re: i7 computer build question.

Overkill on the PSU, for a build like that, and you are using stock cooling so I'm assuming you don't overclock, something like this would be fine.

But considering the extra cost of an X58 SLi board, I would sell the 9600GT you currently have and buy a better single card like the HD 4870.

It's not worth buying another copy of Vista if you already have 64bit, although 6 gigs might be a bit of a waste.

Also your post is annoying with all the different sizes.

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sorry will fix that size issue...
I am in high school I don't have that kinda money
and my country is in the pits unlike yours
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