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Default i7 950 heat problem

hi guys im now to the forum and wondered if you could help me
ive just baught a new mobo, i7 950 and ram put it all together last night but im getting high temps from the cpu when under load.
at idle its between 40 - 42 but under load its between 85 - 90 streight away.

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Default Re: i7 950 heat problem

You're using the stock cooler I assume? I'm not familiar with the i7 family so don't know exactly what load temps you should be getting but those do seem a rather high. Is the heatsink attached all the way and tightly fit to the CPU?

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Default Re: i7 950 heat problem

Those idle temps are fine under average ambient temps but the load temps you got there are high. Even with the stock heatsink.

Remove the heatsink, clean the thermal paste of the CPU and heatsink base, re-apply thermal paste to the CPU, and re-seat the heatsink. Also if it is the stock cooler your using then make sure you fit it properly, it's fiddly.

Are you running stock speeds or overclock'd?
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Default Re: i7 950 heat problem

I've encountered problems with stock Intel heatsinks that look like they're seated fine, but if you push down on the locking mechanism on each of the four contact points, one or more will snap back into place, so what Remeniz is mentioning is spot-on. Definitely make sure they're fitted properly.

Also make sure you don't have any opposing air movements in the case. For best results, make sure your air moves in one direction, and preferably, out the back of the case.
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