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Question I would like to know on how to upgrade my ACPI Uniprocessor to Multiprocessor

I want to know on how to upgrade my ACPI Uniprocessor which I have now, and make it into a ACPI Multiprocessor processor. But I think I have to put something into my boot.ini file. Is that the correct way of doing it? There is also another way to do it by going into my Device Manager and double clicking the Uniprocessor PC and then doing it from there. So I changed my processor there from the list and I made it MCPI Multiprocessor first. After I did that, I restarted my computer. Then I hit Control, Alt and Delete keys, but I only saw one CPU graph in my Task Manager. But I know why it is still one graph because I first have to put something into my boot.ini file. So explain to me on what I need to put into the boot file in order to make it become a multiprocessor with at least 2 CPU graphs with my hypertheading enabled. But anyway last night, I messed up my computer and I had to wipe it all out from scratch because I had to put in the HAL code into my boot.ini. So I could not even start up my Windows XP. That was just awful. It said that I needed to install that HAL into the boot.ini file. Because this HAL is what makes my computer run, I guess. So when I copy and pasted this code into my boot.ini, I then restarted my computer. And it gave me some options and different processors to choose from also with hyperthreading too. But when I clicked onto a processor that I wanted to change, it would not run from my computer. It just said it was corrupt. Oh well that's not good at all. So I would like to really know on how to make this work and not mess up my computer at all so I do not have to clear everything because that was really bad. And also let me know on what to put into my boot.ini file to change the processor that I want to use. Well anyway, sorry for this long letter but I am trying to make a point here so you can understand what I am saying to you. So please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
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