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Old 01-19-2005, 11:42 AM   #1
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Unhappy I need some help with my new laptop please

I bought an Averatec 6200 laptop from Comp USA yesterday. I got a Belkin wireless router free with the purchase. I installed the router as instructed and it appears to be functioning. I had my son bring his HP laptop over and it took a minute, but his HP laptop recognized the router signal and accessed the internet. The new laptop did not recognize it for about an hour. Then it did. I turned off the computer after my bed ridden wife used it and when I turned it back on, I could not access the signal from the router. I opened the networks page and "disabled" the wireless network and re-enabled it several times. Nothin'! Still nothing this morning when I got up. My wife really needs this thing for her recovery. Here are my questions.

1) What are the chanced my Belkin 802.11g router is not sending a strong enough signal? Although I tried with the laptop right next to the router.

2) What are the chances the laptop has a weak receiver? The wireless feature is in the SIS motherboard. So I am told. I do not use a plug in card for wireless. It's built in.

3) I have configured the the laptop to enable the wireless device (802.11g). The router is also 802.11g. Is there some sort of series of steps I need to take to make sure my laptop "sees" the signal? I have everything set on "automatic", so I believe. I used a flah device as instructed to configure my wireless network. So the laptop is properly identified by "the network" at my desktop.

Any help or step by step tutorial would be helpful. I've tried for about 6 hours to make this work with only the short success sighted above.

Thanks for your help. I can be kind of a rookie at this.

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Default Re: I need some help with my new laptop please

try uninstall all the wireless drivers that you have and see what happens when you reboot the machine, when beeing in the direct sigh of the wireless router. Give few minutes if the machine recognizes the router it will guide you to install the required things itself... Post the result please...

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Old 01-20-2005, 12:21 AM   #3
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Default Re: I need some help with my new laptop please

Reading your post makes me wonder if you only have one laptop or have another computer being the AP (access point).
I do not know about Belkin, but a router should be able to cover ~50 ft.
There are steps as you may have read, and one of them is channel you are broadcasting, the SSID name, the paraphrase to unlock the security encryption.
Are there possibilities that you move the router to a better place for wireless reception; why don't you use you computer as the AP (access point).
I am not sure what type of connection you have, but with cable and DSL, the internet connection can be moved. The material (wall,appliances) between the router and your laptop may be weakening the signal.
Good luck, I feel confident you will fine the solution.""Son's laptop OK but not yours? PCMCIA cards the same""
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I am embarassed to tell you that I took the laptop to the store and asked to access their wireless network in order to see if my laptop was working. They politely agreed.

All is well in laptop land.

One does have to turn on the wireless access button to access the router......................duh.

I had been pushing the wireless button thinking it was the "volume" control...................oops. I had a 50/50 chance of being right (on vs. off)

Thanks for the help. It works beautifully. Its the fastest, bestest thing I've done with computers. Take care.
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