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Default I Need Processor Help! <3

Alright, it's time to buy a new computer. I'm not savvy, so I searched up whether AMD is better than Intel, and site matched up a pentium 4 640(3.2 ghz) with a AMD Athlon 64 3500+, and the AMD pulled ahead with a higher average FPS.

So I go to Ibuypower.com, and I click on a generic Gamer PC and I'm looking at processors.. and I notice that they have dual core processors out: [939-pin] AMDŽ Athlon-64 X2 4800+ CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology. I googled this, and it said that the two processors have 2.2 ghz and 2.4 ghz. Does that mean that together, they produce 4.6 ghz?

Also, is AMD truly better than Intel? I thought that the 3500+ and such was 3.5 ghz, but I learned that was not the case. xD.

So does the dual core processors stack their processor speed(because if not, 2.4ghz for an AMD athlon 4800 is disappointing!)? Should I look into a dual core processor, or stay with just a regular one? And also, what AMD processor would last me a couple of generations and put me in good shape?

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Default Re: I Need Processor Help! <3

no it isnt 4.6

you can run two programs at 2.4 or w/e but not one at 4.6

and i think amd is better. but it is not like amd is REALLY better than intel i just perfer it

and AMDŽ Athlon-64 X2 4800+ CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology

i think that is the best dual core 64bit amd has, ya that would last you, idk two years? at least.

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Default Re: I Need Processor Help! <3

Here's the thing:

4600+ at 2.4GHZ will run as fast or faster than any Standard CPU or Intel if you want.

Like my CPU, it's a PRO2700A+ and runs at 1333MHZ, but it will run as an equivalent of a 2.7GHZ standard CPU. The PRO and the A shows just a different Technology on the CPU since it is onboard. I wouldn't be scared at all.
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