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Default I need help, lots of help.

Where to start? Well, I'll start by saying my new set of computer parts arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I put my beauty together, and there are thousands of errors. First of all, all the fans and LEDs would come on, but nothing appeared on the monitor. I solved this problem by removed one of my two 2GB OCZ DDR3 1066 sticks. Apparently, when both sticks are in either DIMM1 and DIMM2, or DIMM3 and DIMM4, this problem occurs. However, if just stick A is in DIMM1 or DIMM3, it boots perfectly fine. If stick B is in either one of those, there is nothing displayed on the monitor, and two red LEDs on the back of my Radeon HD 4580 flash on and off. Note these two LEDs do NOT flash when both sticks are installed, or if stick A is installed; they only flash when stick B is solely installed. So I was pretty bummed since I know I'm going to have to RMA those sticks. Anyways, I booted Vista from my HDD that I carried over from my last PC. It booted fine with my itty-bitty resolution and crayon colors. So I popped in the MSI drivers disc that came with my 770-G45 motherboard, and installed the chipset drivers, the ethernet port drivers, and the audio drivers. I go to restart for the settings to take effect. It starts out fine, but after I enter my password in Vista, it shows the "Welcome" screen, then the system restarts. I've tried about 50 times and it just keeps restarting. So, after many failed attempts, I decided to just reinstall Vista. I slid my DVD in the drive, formatted my HDD, and started installing. It goes through all the steps of installation, then it restarts. When Windows Vista attempts to boot however, I get an error message saying, "Windows can't continue the installation. Restarting your computer will continue the installation (Not exactly what it says, but close)." So I do, and it just gives me the same error. So then I reformatted, reinstalled, and regot this error. Well THEN I download DSL (Damn Small Linux) on my laptop and made a bootable flash drive. I booted DSL from the flash drive and it worked fine. So then I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 and installed it the HDD on my computer. It worked perfectly fine as well. WTF?

So here are my questions, and I really really hope someone can help me.
Q1: Why does the GPU flash red only when stick B is solely installed?
Q2: Is my RAM really bad? Continuous restarts like I'm experiencing are a good sign of yes it is, but Linux works fine!
Q3: My PSU is a 500W Rosewell; could this be the problem?
Q4: Does someone up there hate me?

I appreciate any help that you can give me. I've never been so confused, angry, and sad at the same time before.

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Default Re: I need help, lots of help.

I hope you used a wrist strap when you installed your memory.

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Default Re: I need help, lots of help.

Originally Posted by darroll View Post
I hope you used a wrist strap when you installed your memory.
or at least grounded yourself
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Default Re: I need help, lots of help.

Can you post the specs of everything you are using? That will give us an idea on where to start troubleshooting.
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