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Default I have 2 questions

I do not know a lot about power supplies, but I bought a Rosewill 500- watt extreme edition. The reason I purchased this is because I needed something a bit stronger than my 400-watt psu to support a BFG 7800gtx. Besides looking cool as hell, the psu is black and has two blue led fans on the inside with a dial to change the fan speed. The 7800gtx cards require a lot of amps on the 12volt rail that my 400-watt couldn't really support, but the 500-watt easily supported. +12v@17a (400-watt) vs. +12v@34a (500-watt). So my question is do these voltage readouts sound right, or does it seem like my system is still drawing to much power.

3.3v @ 28A
+5v @ 30A
+12v @ 34A

CPU: by_VID (1.40V)
RAM: 2.55V
Vcore:1.38V (which I assume is the cpu again)
3.3v: 3.30V
+5V: 5.21V
+12V: 12.26V

AMD Athlon64 3000+ (Venice)
MSI Neo4 Platinum MB
2GB (4x512mb) Mushkin
2x 74gig WD Raptor 10,000rpm (Raid 0)
BFG Geforce 7800GTX

The ram I bought is some value ram by Mushkin. I can turn the cas lat down to 2.5 if I only use 2 sticks, but with all four I have to keep the cas at 3 unless I want to run at DDR333 which is a little bit of a bog down. All four sticks are double sided, and according to MSI, and OCZ which I have been in touch with to get better ram, with double sided memory, the motherboard should never perform about DDR333 with 4 sticks installed. Well, I can get DDR400 out of four sticks of double sided memory with CAS3 which that is what the ram is rated anyway, so I guess what I want to know is, how is it possible that I am getting DDR400 when I was told specifically that it can't be done with 4 sticks of double sided memory.

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Default Re: I have 2 questions

Part 1. This sounds fine.
Part 2. I am running exactly that in my computer.
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