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Default I feel the need,the need for speed

Hey all,
I have a computer which supports usb 2.0 I have used usb 1.0 and usb 2.0 devices with no problem. Well no problem with them working, the problem is with speed. I recorded some video on my usb camera and when I download to computer I get the max speed of 10mb a sec it rarely goes any higher than this and in most cases goes a hell of a lot slower (like today when I was getting 764kb a sec).

My question is why ?? I'm sure that even usb 1.0 should be faster than 1mb a sec. I have loaded motherboard drivers for usb tried all the different usb slots I have on my computer all to no avail !

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Default Re: I feel the need,the need for speed

The USB interface itself may be capable of higher speeds (though don't expect much more than 1MB/s on USB 1...), but the flash memory in the camera may not be particularly fast at all. You get the highest speed in sequential read/writes of large files. If you have multiple smaller files (photos etc), then you won't get near your theoretical maximum speed anyway.

Have you tried copying the files from your camera to a different PC? If the files transfer more quickly on another PC then obviously there's an issue with your current one. But don't expect miracle speeds from a USB camera, especially an old one, the older flash memory is notorious for not being particularly quick anyway. (different technology to modern solid state drives).

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Default Re: I feel the need,the need for speed

My Fuji camera has a removable full sided SD card. In my projects I take over 500 pictures and lots of videos. The USB on the camera is 2.0 but it's so slow on downloads. I take the SD chip out and plug it in the SD slot on my printer. The SD card shows up as an external drive. I just drag and drop where I want stuff.
Most of the time I make copies to the SSD drive then move them to storage. I have gotten up to 50MB transfer rate. I could probably do better with a SD reader that plugs in to the USB 3.0 header on the mother board.

The type of SD card helps also. I use high speed 32 and 64 gig cards. They cost more but well worth every penny.
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Default Re: I feel the need,the need for speed

You have an SD card? If so get an SD reader that plug into the USB port.

Like this:

Transcend TS-RDP5K Card Reader - Newegg.com
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