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Post Hyper-Threading Technology. Good/Bad?

I was talking with a friend about Pentium 4s and he said that their HT technology actually makes them slower. SO I naturally asked why and he said it's because the programs it's running can't use 100% of the CPU.

Now, is this true or not? Also, what are your thoughts on HT Technology?

I think it's pretty col how you can make a CPU think that it's two CPUs and actually improve performance.

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It's a good thing. Improves multitasking alot, though it doesn't have a big effect in games, but definately a good thing.

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I think its good. Any kind of advancement in the technology is a good thing. Doesn't matter if AMD or Intel discovered it.

In the end, it makes things better for us--the end user. And it eventually gets refined and it works better. All the "old" stuff gets cheaper for US.

It also makes everything ELSE outdated as soon as a newer, more better, more faster processor comes out on the market.

You can buy a P4 1.6ghz--2.1ghz CPU for PENNIES compared to what they cost when they were new on the market. Thats because the older stuff has been replaced with the newest and bestest thing--which right now, is Hyper-Threading Technology.

I'm building a new system for my Dad and I'm gonna buy an older P4 thats only 2.1ghz or less. I can get it cheap, and it'll run circles around his old Pll at 266mhz. It won't have Hyper-Threading Technology, but he doesn't need it for a simple surfing and word-processing PC. It'll still be 10 times faster than his current dinosaur.

I love it when a manufacturer comes out with a new product. Makes all the stuff I want RIGHT NOW suddenly cheaper. I'll try the "current" new technology when its been replaced buy the newest thing---and now the "current" technology is outdated and CHEAP.

Ya just can't help but luv them R&D guys. Bring on the new products!!!
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Default Re: Hyper-Threading Technology. Good/Bad?


Good ol' Wikipedia...
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