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Wink How to get your favorite netbook?

You can see a variety of products on the internet, but still do not know what notebook to buy, they are too many to make you dizzy. Do not worry about that. Here are few of the tips to help you out while you go shopping for best netbook.

If you really want to buy a notebook, please take a look at yourself that you belong to what kind of notebook users, first! Then, buy a favorite notebook. Otherwise, only waste of money. According to the type of notebook

buyers, the user can roughly divide into two categories: for office working and surfing; do diagram and play game.

1. Only for surfing and Office work
If you are an ordinary employee, believe their work is only on the Internet, do some general documents, presentation slides and so on. So you have absolutely no need to pursue “G era” feel. An ordinary Celeron plus enough

memory and a large hard drive, enough to make you “surfing, typing.” Of course, Hard disk should be more larger

2. Do diagram and play game
If you are a “game enthusiasts,” or doing graphics production work. Then you can choose P3, P4 of the “G” era. Outside the big screen to increase memory, large hard disk. This speed give you a very “cool” feeling.

Now, you have understanding what kind of notebook that you want to get, we think. After that, must pay attention is:

1. Can’t trust in cheap product absolutely
When buy notebook, trust in cheap product absolutely! Brand notebook is recommendable. We strong can’t believe that cheap good is good. Also, After-sales service is important. as well as price.

2. You’d better compared with several stores
There are many same model and same brand notebook in different companies with different price, I’m not here say that they are profiteers. It’s a realistic problem that merchants are making their mind to make money. Price

not the only symbol of the notebook’s quality.

3. Take an eye on the warranty details
The notebook maintenance fee is expensive, if the note book is broken, you’ll need to reback the notebook for repairing. If your notebook is out of warranty, you need to pay for a highly maintance fee. So, What I want to say

is getting a note book that with one or three years warranty. Unless you are a professional computer Maintenance member!

4. Don’t pay for the computer insurance premium
Insurance premium takes up 30% of the notebook expenses. It’s not handsome to pay for it, because notebook won’t have problem in three years usually. Additional, electronic products are out of date in several years.

5. Check out the notebook carefully
Before you pay for a notebook, you need to check out all the computer accessories . E.g. LCD, Appearance, the Computer power, cd-rom, Hard disk and etc. Once pay for it, Things will be steadfast.

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Default Re: How to get your favorite netbook?

I think your guide is a bit ancient. Also, its on several other forums... If I was to ever get a netbook it would that Alienware M11x
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