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Default Hmm , Computer Science?

Hi guys,

There is a "Australian Informatics Competition" coming up, and our school was instructed to choose 4 students from every year to enter this "competition".

Surprisingly, i was one of the 4 students picked.
To be honest, i know jack all about Computer Science, Algorithms etc. Not to mention, i don't have any talent in the maths area.
But you could say im a computer whiz...

I decided to come here, to ask for some advice for this test.
Why am i taking interest in this?, because if i do well, i will be entered into the "Australian Informatics Olympiad", thus getting closer/easier to achieve a job in IT.
Anyways here's quotes from the letter i received -

"This computer competition consists of a one hour paper in which students are asked semi-mathematical questions related to computing. The questions are designed to determine whether a student may have a talent for designing or writing programs, something that they might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate."

So what is exactly computer science?
What questions do you guys think may appear in the exam paper?
Is there anything i should study?

The sooner i receive the advice, the better as i have the test tommrow, and it's quite late here already.
Here's a link to the official site http://www.amt.edu.au/default.htm

Thanks alot.

NOTE: This may be in the wrong section, sorry about that, but i need advice asap, thus posting this thread in a popular section.
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