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Default Hitachi 160 gig hard drive problem

I bought one of those on-sale Hitachi 160's over Xmas holidays.
Installed it in computer and ran the setup CD.
A message came up during setup saying I didn't have some file that would allow all 160 gigs to be in one partition (using Windows 2000 OS).
But, that I could limit capacity of drive to 137 gig (I think) and it all be in one partition; so I accepted that and setup completed fine.
I ghosted contents of my primary 40 gig drive to the 160, changed the jumpers around to make the 160 my primary and everything worked fine. Machine booted normally and worked fine for several days, during which
I loaded about 100 gigs worth of files onto drive, files not backed up anywhere else and not available again.
Two days ago had a problem during bootup, generated "error loading operating system" message.

To get around it I tried booting from my windows 2000 installation CD; but somewhere in bootup process I get a message indicating the 160 either needs formating or I need to run setup on the 160. Fearing it will erase my data I terminated bootup.

I then changed jumpers around to make the 40 gig the primary and 160 the secondary, booted from the 40 with no problems. But, when I try to access the 160 (as drive g) get message indicating drive g needs formating, so I stop again.

Anybody got any ideas on how I can get access to drive g: (160 gig) contents without having to reformat.

Other related info: in case it's pertinent
Celeron 1.8 processor, 256 meg of ram, machine about 3 years old.

thank you

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Default Re: Hitachi 160 gig hard drive problem

yeah, there's a patch that you can download that will allow your computer to support drives larger than 137 gb. when you started windows for the first time did it give you a message that says something about drives larger than 137gb and a link? I think it does, it's been so long since I did it I can't really remember how I got the patch. all I know is that after formatting my hard drive (200gb) and installing windows, it only registered as 137gb although I formatted the whole drive. when I got the patch, it then registered at the full capacity and I didn't lose any data or anything.
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