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Default high-resolution performance in games

Hey guys how you all doing, hows school (the activity of this site has gone down substantially between august and september, suggesting that you're all at school, including myself - i've got so much AP to do, its crazy!)

anyway, I was wondering how higher resolutions affect gameplay on FPS's.
Currently i'm downloading Halo 2 PC for XP. On a previous installation of VISTA I had it running low-medium and actually did get a very decent framerate of 35-45fps, with my OC'd XFX 7600GT, 1GB of DDR400, and my P4 530.

I have upgraded to 2GB, and now i'm running it in dual-channel. I'm also dualbooting Vista and XP (XP is great for games, Vista, not so much)

it should run much faster, considering i have double the ram and on XP, and i'm looking forward to playing it.

Right now i'm using a Samsung SyncMaster 730B, 17" in 1280x1024. i'm pretty sure it'll run low-medium settings, even with my P4 HT.

I'm going to get a 24" 1920x1200 HDCP Westinghouse LCD, (its like a TV! ) to play with the PS3 i'm getting in march. I was wondering how much of a hit my games will take, if i render in 1920x1200. i'll probably play them in a smaller widescreen res, either in 720 or 1050 or something... anyone know?

shoutout to Rudster816 - sup homie

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Default Re: high-resolution performance in games

okay i just finished the first 2 levels of Halo 2 PC

at 1280x1024 on max details, and it worked very well - 30-40fps, only became sluggish on really intense scenes, i was quite surprised how smooth it was on my crappy Pentium 4
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