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Default Re: Hey I Need Help

get another gig of ram and that will help alot also the standard things that evreyone else mentioned a gig of ram is about 100 dollars be sure to get 400mhz and dual channel(if your mobo supports it)

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Default Re: Hey I Need Help


"some of my games wont work w my system"

That'll simply be because Dell don't really give you a very good video card inside the machine. Usually its just a chip on the motherboard which shares your systems RAM, etc which can slow games down...and they aren't usually that good anyway in terms of performance for any of the latest games.

As for your system, its no exception, and is powered by a Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 chip.

If you wanted games to run better, you could buy a new graphics card which don't have to be expensive nowadays to get great performance.

What gets me though is the fact of the lack of an AGP slot!!! It only has 3 spare PCI slots which narrows down your choice an awful lot, yet, you can still get a cheap Video card which would definietly be better than the one inside the PC at the moment.


I read this in a review about the system which confuses me a bit:

"Matched to this is 512MB of PC3200 DDR that runs at a PC2700 speed. While the memory may run at a slower speed, the faster memory can allow for future processor upgrades."

That makes no sense, and if they have given you a motherboard that doesn't suppport the faster speed, why did they give you faster RAM?...


It shows to be honest what a pre-built system can give you...not much most of the time.

But, you should be able to make a few changes that will help your system alot.

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