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Default Here's a fun one...

I have a guy in a remote office that is having problems with his computer rebooting on him suddenly. No BSODs, no error messages, no "Windows has recovered from a serious error" prompts - NOTHING.

I thought to test the basics while the system was out there with him, so I had him run the usual things, gwscan, memtest, even a CPU Burn in program.

The only odd thing is that after running the system overnight with MemTest, is that the next day the system rebooted on him 5 times over the course of 9 hours.

The day after that, it was fine. but then a day later, one reboot a day.

We had also sent a UPS out to him, and he runs the PC on it.

So we had him ship the system back to us, and I have the system in my office. I've thrown everything at it - MemTest, GWSCAN, CPU Burn in, Prime95, and I've even rebuilt the PC from scratch, taking it completely out of the case and putting it back together. I cannot duplicate his problems.

The only things he has attached to the system are a USB cord for his laser printer, his mouse/kb/monitor/ethernet, and from time to time, his cell phone.

His cell phone is the only unknown I can't replicate here.

I've spoken to Intel, they can't find anything wrong with the system.

Oh and I've tested the power supply. Every rail is spot on, even the power supply "power good signal" is good.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm out of ideas, and I don't want to send the system back to him only to have the issue recur.

Here's a screenshot of the MemTest I had running *all weekend*

Memtest Screenie

and Yes, I see the DDR3 speed of 666 MHz. Don't try pulling that on me.

Oh, and his video card has been changed out 3 times. Currently it is running a Radeon HD 4500 series card, but he had a GeForce 8400GS in the system when he shipped it back (and was having issues). I've uninstalled & Driver cleaned the old nVidia drivers out.

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Default Re: Here's a fun one...

Try changing the power cord and start changing from there.

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Old 10-04-2010, 02:27 PM   #3
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Default Re: Here's a fun one...

Wow, that is a strange one. Have you tried swapping out the USB cable he's using for his laser printer? Maybe it's possible that since USB carries power that it's shorting somewhere and causing an unusual draw on the PSU. It's a thought, anyway. Good luck, man.
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Default Re: Here's a fun one...

normally id say some kind of overheating problem, but since you said the PSU is spot on and he's used 3 different GPUs im not sure.

was also gonna suggest a loose DIMM, also covered :/

id take some time to tear off the OS and reinstall from scratch, since you've basically eliminated all hardware issues i could think of that would cause random reboots.
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Default Re: Here's a fun one...

What's the command rate on the RAM you're running?
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