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Default Re: HELP! Real Trouble

I think you should just run.

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Default Re: HELP! Real Trouble

Originally Posted by Remeniz View Post
Acquire something like Acronis True Image. There is a facility to clear your hard drive bit-for-bit. This is much better than a format.
He can't do that with out risking getting fired. It's the corperate world, he doesn't not have permissions to do that.

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Default Re: HELP! Real Trouble

just confess and hope they go easy on you
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Default Re: HELP! Real Trouble

Originally Posted by _-..zKiLLA..-_ View Post
what kinda stuff were you looking at bro? i mean they would get mad at porn but stuff like this forum they have no reason
im' thinking torrents maybe? i dont know... or like illegal porn.

but standard porn, even the gov't wouldnt give a crap.
although i would assume you can't download torrents because you can't install anything, so i'm wondering what exactly did you do? you dont have to tell us

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
dude unless you were sharing government information over a stupid website then nothing will happen.

yes there are rules for a reason but c'mon its the government, my old company had use to internet but only selected sites so if they have the technology to do it im sure the government can,

what im getting @ is if they really really really didnt want you too they could have stopped you too.
and the chances are whateva you did if it was just general surfing of internet pages nothing will come back on you.

yes they have the ability to track exactly where you have been but they need a reason to start investigating where you have been they wont randomly check
EDIT: ohh. i never thought of that... hmm.

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