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Default Help Please, Brand New Computer won't Boot up-up!?

Hey, ive just put together a Brand new build, My specs are,

ASRock H61M-VS motherboard.
3rd gen, intel core i5-3450 CPU
500GB barracuda 7200 HDD
4GB rendition Ram
Galaxy III case. (500w PSU)

But my problem is when i switch the compter on it looks and sounds like its turning on ok, however there is nothing being displayed on screen, i just get a blank screen??? I think i read somewhere that my mmotherboard may need a bios update to support the new 3rd Gen Intel cpus, but how would i do this if nothing is on the screen just black.?? please please tell me how i can update the bios if i dont even get any display at boot,.. on the screen?? ty

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Default Re: Help Please, Brand New Computer won't Boot up-up!?

If you have a dedicated GPU, sorry to say this bollocks, but make sure it is firmly (and obviously carefully) connected into whatever port it's seated in. Make sure any PCI-E 6/8-pin cables are firmly connected into the card. That's some of the basic crap out of the way.

Do you hear a beep? If so, what sort of beep?

If you have a dedicated GPU, you might want to plug the monitor into any onboard graphics you have, as some BIOS can default to that, bypassing your dedicated GPU.

Do your fans all spin OK? Do you hear your HDD clicking (or whatever noise it makes) as well as the HDD use LED?

You could get a hold of a cheap second-hand CPU to allow you to boot up properly, but only if that is the issue. Personally, I'd be surprised if that's what's causing the lack of display.

Also... yay, another Scottish person! (:

My rig's specifications can be found here:
Yes, I'm New...
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Default Re: Help Please, Brand New Computer won't Boot up-up!?

Your bios update will only support certain features of the cpu so that will not be your problem otherwise the PC would not boot.

Make sure your video card is seated correctly if you have one.
Also make sure your ram is seated ok.

Read your motherboard manual carefully as some boards still rely on jumper settings for internal/external video cards.
Did you plug in the the 12v ATX plug in the motherboard as this could be your problem as a lot of people over look this.
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Default Re: Help Please, Brand New Computer won't Boot up-up!?

Go to the store and get one of these.
Newegg.com - APEVIA Model CVTCSPK 2" Case speaker cable for computer cases that connects to the motherboard

Lately, case and motherboard manufacturers have been omitting this speaker. This will allow you to hear any beep codes which will help you diagnose the problem.
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