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Default Help Please!

Ok so I am in the process of assembling my computer. I'm done with everything and everything is in it's right spot. Now the thing is, when I turn the power on, everything powers up fine, but nothing shows up on the monitor. I can't find the problem and I've tried everything. Here are my system specs:



Graphics Card:


Hard Drive:



Thanks, and please reply quickly!

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Default Re: Help Please!

is there any beepcodes? make sure you motherboard speaker is plugged in too

also make sure the video card is seated properly and that you connected the PCI-E power connector.

if you have an old video card slide that in and see if its the video card, if you dont then its probably a bad motherboard or video card. if you cant figure out which one, just RMA both of them through newegg, youll be able to save time, and shipping costs.

you know that switch board you got with the motherboard. im pretty sure you have to plug that in to the 2nd pci-e slot when your not using crossfire, but im probably wrong

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Default Re: Help Please!

Yeah, my mobo speakers are plugged in, but there are no beeping noises. The video card is in correctly and the pci-e connector is in it too. I haven't tried to put in a different video card, but I'll try that tomorrow.

I put in the switch card, but there I'm still getting the same thing as before; nothing's showing up on the screen.

Anything else I could do to fix it?
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