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Default Help please...


I have an old packard bell iconnect pc. I have 2 internal HD's, the original one and a larger one I bought and put in. At the moment, the original, smaller one is in there. The larger HD has been formatted and I believe is ready to use if I want to...

With the original HD, I had a packard bell recovery disk (red one) which would take everything back to factory settings. Somehow, someway, dont ask me what happened because I cant remember, the recovery disk will not work and when I use it I am asked for master cd 1. I haven't got any master cd's and I dont think I have any way of getting them. I have searched on the internet for them, but no joy.

So, I'm giving up on that. My question is, if I buy an operating system, will that load windows and 'solve my problem'????

If I bought an OS, do I use the boot disk I have first, when I'm doing this at the mo, I end up getting the 'a prompt' and I dont know where to go from there.

So do I buy an os? Will it work? I believe I have another space in the tower for the 2nd harddrive, between the floppy disk and the cd compartment, would I just get 4 screws, wire it up with the right leads and off I go????

If I did have the 2 HD's, how would that work? Would I put the OS on one or both, would they both just be in the my computer folder.

OR, do I just buy a new tower with everything I need? I suppose it depends on what the cheapest option is...I'd rather try and use what I have already if I can. It is an old pc, but I think if I can get it up and running, it can last me a little while longer yet.

Lastly, which OS is the best? I did have windows ME on the pc and was fine with it...

Sorry about all the questions, but thanks for any help.

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Default Re: Help please...

I have a packard bell pc and the master cd is the name for the recovery cd that they supplied you with - my pc has 4 of them. You could try borrowing a windows me cd from a friend (if they have one) and just use your computer's coa to install it. You shouldn't need to buy a whole new pc and if it still doesn't work try installing with just the one hdd. Also when I use the master cd's in my pc it always has to be inserted into drive d or it will say that 'insert master cd' message. I have also heard that windows me is a bad operating system, although I used it for about a week and had no problems. If nothing seems to work I would reccoment downloading a trial/evaluation of an OS first before buying it to check that it will work.
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