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Default help please!

hey guys i have a quick question... my friend wants to know if he could just upgrade his GPU to a better card and still run hl2 and d3 with very playable fps rates and have it look nice. his current setup

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
1 GIG corsair
geforce 4 ti 4200
soyo mobo
350 watt PSU
not sure the rest of the specs. he couldnt give me much info.

well i guess the question is is that could he run half life 2 at 60-65 fps, on 1024 by whatever res with medium to high detail and still have it run nicely WITHOUT upgrading the CPU. i realized the cpu was old, but could we pull off playing halfe life 2 good with just a better GPU? he will upgrade the cpu if needed, or if it seems like too much of a hassle he said that he will just get a whole new comp if really needed. i also realized that his psu was 350 wat, that will need to be replaced as well if he is going to get a 6800 256mb, or something like that. i belive half life 2 requires a 2.4 proc, but he wants to see if we can work around that by getting a better gpu like i just said. any help would be great, thanks a lot

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Default Re: help please!

Well, he could OC his CPU to 2.4 with proper cooling. Get a 500watt PSU, and then buy this GPU:

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