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Default help... no more ideas.

I'm running:

Asus A8V Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 3800+
2.0gigs of corsair performance ram
Windows XP Pro SP2
on PCI Express 16x
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2S

now, with these components, this computer should be BLAZING fast. In many instances, it is. However, randomally, i lose about 10 frames about once a second. Now, you would think, oh your running programs and resolutions and qualities that it cant support without chunking. i have tried every game i own on low and high resolutions with high and low grapics settings and i still get the chunking. occassionally, i even get chunking in windows. the mouse will stop for about .1 seconds, and then jump. its always the same pause, as if almost on a timer.

things we've tried:
1. tried barebone w/o soundcard, extra gaming port (joystick, midi input, etc)
2. tried different RAM
3. tried same and different RAM in the A slots
4. tried different input devices
5. tried all drivers, old, new and beta for
a. sound
b. graphics
c. mouse

havn't tried a new vid card, gonna do that now.

so we're stumped... it's very difficult for us to pinpoint this problem because the entire system gets "the glitch" as we've dubbed it. sound, mouse, graphics, everything... gets this pause. it doesn't seem to be a graphical ineptity, since there are non-graphic side effects too, such as the sound pausing at the EXACT same time.

The only ideas i have are bad motherboard, bad chip, bad video card (maybe, but sound glitching also seems to disprove that one), bad ram... yea i'm outa ideas. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I really am no expert, but...

If you're getting bad everything and you've tried everything, I'd have to say it was the motherboard. It's the only thing that remains constant through all your tests, and you're still getting the problems. What part of the motherboard (if it is the motherboard), I don't know.

Try a different one, maybe?

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Default Re: help... no more ideas.

Hard Drive, if you're running a game like HL2 that plays off of the hard drive, the faster teh hard drive, teh faster it can load the game. If it just stops randomely and slows down like that , it is loading, so it's either the ram or hard drive.
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