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Default Help needed on uninstalling / re-installing programs

Hi people... I've got a bit of a predicament..

I'm into 3d modelling and animation and recently saved up for an expensive 3D application...
In the mean time I made do with a short trial version which eventually ran out... A friend of mine said he had a CD with a torrented version of said 3d application which he could let me have... Now normally I do steer clear of torrents.. But in this case I thought 'ah well... I'm gunna actually be buying the software in a few months time, so I can have a clear conscience about the whole thing without feeling like somewhat of a thief'... Thus I made do with this torrented version untill I had enough to purchase the real program..

I now have the real program... This is where my predicament lies...
I thought now I have the real version, I would completely un-install my current (torrented) version and RE-install it with from the genuine disk... Completely starting over so to speak.
However.... I re-installed the program, and when I opened it up... It's JUST like it was before I un-installed it... It's like windows remembered exactly what the program was like before it got uninstalled, and when I re-installed it, windows reverted it back to that state.
The custom colour changes I made to the interface, the various edits I made, the history of recent files... Everything is still there.

I've experienced this before with games.... Uninstalling certains games and then re-installing them years later to find all my old save files are still there, and all my characters, accounts and changes ot the controlls are still as they were just like it was before it got uninstalled.

I mean I may be worrying for nothing... But to be honest I would just like to completely start a'fresh with this GENUINE version of the 3d program, and have it so when I install it.... It's like I'm doing it for the first time... And not have it simply revert back to how it was when I was using the torrented version. Make windows forget about it so to speak...

Another obvious reason is the fact that I now have genuine seriel numbers which I need to register with... But because the prog has reverted back to how it always was, it's not even asking me for the seriel numbers.

I'm running windows Vista Business Edition 64bit.
A friend of mine did say it was something to do with a 'cache'?... Anyways I'm not sure... If anyone knows how I can uninstall the program and then make windows forget, so when I do re-install it... It's like I'm doing it for the first time... Then I would be really greatfull ^^... Thanks

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Default Re: Help needed on uninstalling / re-installing programs

When you un-install the fake application your not deleting associated files.

Download Revo Uninstaller.

Run it and click on the 'said program' that you want to un-install.

Select the 'Advanced' mode and follow the instructions.

This will delete the application and any associated files/folders and registery items.

Then when you install the 'proper' application it will be a fresh install.

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Default Re: Help needed on uninstalling / re-installing programs

Thanks a lot for the response... I downloaded the program and uninstalled... However when I re-install it STILL is exactly the same.... Aaarg this is really getting annoying now.

Any other advice?
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