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Default HELP NEEDED!!!!pLZ

I have a P4 3.2, 250 gb SATA, 4 gb Ram@333, ATI X800Pro, Sony DRU-710 DVD Writer, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy USB Soundcard.

The trouble im having is that whenever i write a dvd with nero my audio from my speakers/headphones is really bad...it plays slow and is scrambled. Now this shouldnt be happening and i dont know a cure, Microsoft had earlier posted an article abound ubs sound being distorted when there is high computer usage, the funny thing is that when i go to task manager it shows me that mt cpu usage is being used at 68%. I need help i put a lot of hard earned money into this and dont know what to do.


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Default Well...

You should close any open and/or running programs while burning any type of disc. The fact that the system is having to keep up with the burning as well as the other program can lead to burning errors. Since the burning of a disc is considered to be a priority event other programs such as music players will suffer pauses and low quality sound.
Simple answer> Turn everything else off when burning disc's.

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But i have a laptop and an external dvd writer attached and that dosent cause a problem..its the whole use of these technologies we have today to multitask i mean comon im sure a lot of us use our pc's while we write dvd's and to tell u the truth i've written over a 1000 dvds and never have i had a problem or an error writing a dvd "even" when im mulittasking.
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Default Re: HELP NEEDED!!!!pLZ

It is true that sound can go slow,
though shouldn't be happening with a card like that, though because it is USB and needs power, and something else is running that may need more and is USB too, its cutting out the one that it thinks isn't needed.

I have this problem when I try to run the sound card thats on the motherboard, since it needs CPU power to run efficently.

There must be a way of setting this not to happen, but I'm afriad I don't know how. Anyone have any ideas?
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Are we talking about writing a dvd from video you captured, or duplicating dvd's, and what version of nero do you have
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