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Unhappy Help! My computer is overheating!

I basically go star wars for christmas and loaded it up christmas eve, and i went on system requirements lab before for my laptop and it said my laptop was amazing to play it. I get the game and i go in and its really really laggy and juttering. I plug my charger in and bang the game works perfectly, but i have a problem when im playig a game with my charger in and that it overheats within about 2 minutes and the laptop shuts down. What can i do as i really want to play this game?



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Default Re: Help! My computer is overheating!

Problems here are:

Laptop, Gaming

Not to be a slight bit of an annoying person here but I really hate it when people expect to game on laptops , laptops are not made for gaming.

De dums

Heat issues, well it's pretty much made clear, a laptop is small and doesn't have much air flowing,I suggest try

just download and view the first 2 pics.. and set yours to 80-100

RivaTuner 2.0 fan speed & Overclock Guide

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Default Re: Help! My computer is overheating!

you could also try putting a book thats smaller than your laptop under it as sort of a platform so that the computers small fan can push the air out more efficently. never, ever put a laptop on a soft service like a bed or blanket, as it kills the cooling ability. they also make special pads for your laptop that will allow air flow, but it's retarded to buy something like that when a book or other platform that gets it up a little bit off the desk would work just fine. it sounds like your having air flow issues more than the fact your trying to play it on a laptop.
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Default Re: Help! My computer is overheating!

Laptops and gaming are ok, as long as you provide enough cooling. Make sure the vents are well cleaned from dust. Grab a can of compressed air and shoot it in the vents. Make sure you pass it thoroughly. You can use an air compressor for that matter, as long as it doesn't shoot out water (Big compressors).

Also, make sure you're playing on a hard surface...just in case you're a bed gamer

Last but not least, get a cooler for the laptop on the bottom.

Oh and...running it on battery will make it slower, because the default settings are set to save as much juice as possible.
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Default Re: Help! My computer is overheating!

When my laptop starts to get too hot, I stick something underneath the foot, up in the corner where the cooling fan is to raise it off the table a little and let more air flow underneath it. It helps to cool it off a few degrees.
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laptop, overheating, star wars, swtor

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