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Default Help me choose next monitor: 144hz 1080, 2k or 4k?

Here's my set up
Corsair 760t case
MSI Z97x gaming 3 MOBO
i7 4790k - Non OC
Noctua NH-D14
HGST 4TB HDD for files
Samsung 850 PRO 512gb for O.S and running my programs
Corsair 750w PSU
MSI 970 gaming 4 GPU - Non OC
LG optical drive
Rosewill card reader
kingwin fan controller
Windows 7 64bit
Kaspersky A.V
CC cleaner

This is my 1st build. Let me tell you I had a blast doing this and learned a lot from all of you. Thanks.

I will be running 3 monitors.
Not all 3 monitors will match. But Oh well. Not right away anyways.. Maybe down the road they will.

These are the 3 monitors I have
24" Acer 144hz
And 2 old 19" 60hz monitor that came with a computer @ some point in time.
I am planning to ditch 1 of the 19" monitors.

But I'd like to get a great quality, value, size resolution monitor for the center of my setup.

I was thinking orignaly 27" 1440 overclocked Qnix.
27"+ 1440 60hz
27"+ 2560 <--- that's 4 k right..?)

I built this computer with the intent of challenging myself to build a computer. I did it. And IMHO I did pretty well.
What do I use this computer for...? Mostly internet browsing, internet videos, home pictures and videos ( might like to get into editing home pics and vids. someday...) and right now minimal gaming. But I def. want to get into gaming. How serious and hardcore will I be. Not much.
I would really like this next monitor to be the center piece of my 3 monitors. And all 3 will need to run off my single MSI 970 GPU.
Can my GPU run 2k? 4k?
Can my monitor run 2K or 4K when the other 2 monitors are running 1080?

So heres where Im @?
4k with my setup and 60hz and probally a lower FPS
or 1080?

Again @ this time I do minimal to most gaming. ( we just had a baby, so I have ZERO free time ). But I would like to dabble in games. But I will not be a hardcore addict either.

I know my computer set-up is overkill for what I do.
I know I have a 144hz monitor and dont do much gaming. <--- but it was on a great sale.

Help me max out my potential from my 970 GPU

Thanks everyone.

Hopefully no bashing please.

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Default Re: Help me choose next monitor: 144hz 1080, 2k or 4k?

Running on a single 4k panel, a Titan X will just about manage static 60 frames per second at high settings in SOME lesser and medium demanding games. For example, in BF4 you'd see static 60 at 4k (usually) whereas you'd be seeing 30-40fps on Crysis 3 (high settings)

Two 980Tis in SLI will do a similar job to a single Titan X. a 970 is a single-panel 1440p-oritned card IMHO. Match your FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor, if you can only push 60 FPS, you only need 60Hz. If you can push 75 or 144 FPS in your favorite games, go for 75Hz or 144Hz respectively.

No point getting a 144Hz panel if you have to turn all the settings down to match the frame rate to the refresh rate... not least because you'll see significant screen tearing on a TN panel if its refreshing 144 times a second but you're only rendering 60 frames.

This is how I rate/how I think of Nvidia's lineup of GPUs (High/Ultra settings with 2xMSAA):-

GTX950 - 720p, 1080p
GTX960 - 1080p
GTX970 - 1080p, 1440p
GTX980 - 1440p
GTX980Ti - 1440p (4k with 2 or more in SLI)
GTX Titan X - 1440p, 4k

If you're not planning on gaming, every card in Nvidia's 900 series will output in 4k and run the desktop and movies no problem. Bare in mind there is NO POINT buying a monitor with a higher refresh rate than 60Hz if all you plan to do on it is watch videos or movies. 99% of all video content is only shot in 24/30FPS, so you'll see precisely zero difference. The most frames per second you'll see in a video is probably thw 1-2% of YouTube videos that are uploaded in 60FPS.

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Default Re: Help me choose next monitor: 144hz 1080, 2k or 4k?

Darkseeker Thank you.

My intentions are everyday use with my monitors. And maybe some gaming. But it wont be hardcore gaming.

Sounds like for the video content I watch on the internet a 4k monitor will be just fine.

Sow with my 970 gpu:
I can run 1 4k monitor
1 1080 144hz monitor
1 1080 60hz monitor

I can run all these of the 1 GPU?
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Default Re: Help me choose next monitor: 144hz 1080, 2k or 4k?

That's not gonna be a problem.
Remember that 1080 144hz and 4K 60hz requires HDMI 2, dual link DVI or Display port 1.2.
HDMI 1.4 and single link DVI will limit 4k at 30hz and 1080 at 60hz. So check the cables you use.
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Default Re: Help me choose next monitor: 144hz 1080, 2k or 4k?

If you're not going to be gaming or watching blue ray discs, why spend the money on a high end 4k monitor?
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