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Default Help with DVD drive

So I bought an LG GH22NS30 DVD-burner to go with my new computer. I had a little trouble with installing it, BIOS didn't find it. So I hooked up a non-SATA DVD drive with this drive and all of a sudden the BIOS would find it and I could install Vista and a few other programs.

Since that time, this thing isn't working consistently. It's become where almost half the time Vista doesn't even recognize the thing and about half the time it does, it quits recognizing the thing a little while afterwards. I've tried burning with it in iTunes and it either never starts burning or fails half-way through. It also does a fun trick where I can see it in my computer window but if I double click it to look at any files on the DVD, it tells me the application is not available. Device manager shows it as working properly at these times.

Being rather a newbie, can a DVD-drive work part of the time? I'm thinking either the drive is bad physically or it's the driver. However, every time I've looked, the BIOS has recognized the drive. Wouldn't this indicate that the drive is functioning normally and it's the driver that's bad?

IMO, this drive is a piece of junk regardless. LG does not offer any drivers for it despite it being very new. They say in their manual that Vista will recognize it and install the right drivers automatically. Learned my lesson and will probably never buy LG again.

I'd appreciate any help with this you guys can give.

One more thing, every once in a while my computer will boot up and my monitor will not register and signal. My wife has also said the computer freezes during boot-up for her a lot but I've never had it do that and I honestly wonder if it has to do with the computer having difficulty with this drive. System specs are below:

MB: Biostar TPOWER I45
HD: Samsung SpinPoint
OS: Vista Home Premium
VGA: Palit Radeon 4850
CPU: E8500

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Default Re: Help with DVD drive

It's probably not the drive. LG makes an excellent drive as I'm using one now.

Have a read through this: The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

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Default Re: Help with DVD drive

Didn't work. I went in and followed those instructions but again the device showed up for like 10 seconds and then disappeared.

Also, the reason I said I wasn't impressed was because LG offers no driver support for this drive. It's not even listed on their website. Seems like I just picked the wrong one.
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