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Default Re: [HELP] CPU over heating, Need help please. Will it explode?

Your PSU shouldn't have anything to do with your CPU overheating. Since it's a Pentium 4, it will run hot. Do you have any exhaust fans in your case besides the PSU fan?

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Default Re: [HELP] CPU over heating, Need help please. Will it explode?

Even if i start the trial and error by first getting paste then a fan then a PSU, is it possible for my Processor to be causing all this? if you get what I mean.. because I don`t wanna waste money buying all this then find out it`s the processor..

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Default Re: [HELP] CPU over heating, Need help please. Will it explode?

Trouble shooting is a time consuming process that has rewards at the end.
Release the heatsink hold downs and with a gentle twisting motion remove the heatsink. As stated clean both the cpu and the heatsink with a coffee filter and alcohol. Let both dry. While you have the heatsink off remove the fan and clean it. A horse hair brush and a Q-tip work wonders.
Then on the cpu put a dab of thermal paste about the size of a grain of rice. Using the edge of a plastic card spread the paste out evenly over the cpu. It's going to look thin but that's ok. Make sure you cover the top of the cpu. Don't get any in the little hole. It's a vent.
Once the heatsink is set back in place make sure you plug the fan back in to its header plug.
Personally speaking I let my system idle for about an hour to let the paste settle in. Then it's no mercy and no prisoners for my system. I flog the stuffings out of it for a couple of hours, then cool for an hour, then shut it off for a bit.
One real important thing to keep an eye on is the cpu fan speeds. As you go through the curing process make sure the cpu fan speeds are following the temperature. Gets hot, it revs up. Cools down the revs go down. If it's not following the temps well check in the bios for the cpu fan settings. Aggressive cooling settings don't always work as they were intended. My Intel board has that and it's for overclocking on air. A normal setting will serve in most cases.
Leave the side off for this part. Look at the fan while the system is running. Run some program that is cpu intensive. Watch for the fan to spin up to a faster speed. If it doesn't or it looks like it's having trouble turning, it's time to replace it. Intel has the fan built in to the heatsink hold down mechanism. If you have to replace the fan you can get them directly from Intel for cheap.
Or you could replace the heatsink/fan with an aftermarket.

One step at a time. Do keep in mind Intel has a built in thermal protection system. If it gets too hot it will throttle back to 50%. If the temps continue to climb past a preprogrammed point, it will shut down. It's pretty hard to kill an Intel cpu. It can be done but you have to really work at it.

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