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Default Re: help buying a laptop

Current choice is the Toshiba Qosmio F60-13K. I'm looking for reviews on this laptop. It costs around 1500. I'm learning more about laptops thanx to you guys/girls. To answer both your questions: a gaming laptop should have great performance. It makes sense to have great speed (not just graphics) to handle a game especially the recently released ones. Am I wrong? I dont like laptops. I dont own one. I only use my brother's for a game I play. And I don't even play that game. I just open shop in that game so that I can play with my other character plus its not fun playing a game on a laptop even if it had a bigger screen. I just dont like it. SO the laptop i buy now will have to stay with me for a few years. AND when my seller told me that you cant upgrade speed and graphix, that made me even more convinced tht my laptop should be 'great'.
So how come I can't upgrade a laptop's speed (meaing processor right?) and graphics card?
Oh and as for my external drives, I recently learned of this piece of hardcare called a multi bay hard disk something Basically it's one big external case that can hold 3-5 hard disks and it has its own power supply and cooling system. I called two stores here and they dont have it. More like they never heard of it. One store only knows about netgear and i told him its not what I'm looking for. I say this because The last thing I need are more hard drives. I intend on buying 2 2TB hard disks this week and replace my 2 1TB with them. I already have two external hard drives. I don't know what to do with the 1TB ones Mayb I'll order that multibay case.

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