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Old 11-20-2005, 06:35 AM   #1
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Default Help!!!!!

Hi I know this has nothing to do with your discussion, but I was wondering if someone could help me out.

First of all check out my computer's spec nice huh?
Anyway the computer is fine and it is great, but i was wondering:

I am thinking of buying the Creative Gigaworks 7.1 S750 (really nice speakers- very expensive though) and was wondering will my onboard sound be good enough?
Is it the 'real' 7.1, or should I invest in a 7.1 sound card?

The codec for the motherboard is: Azalia (C-Media 9880) 7.1-Channel Codec. Please go here to view full spec of motherboard: http://www.computerhq.com/Gigabyte_...-id-494551.html

What is a decoder will the speakers come with it?
This is how I see it (please tell me if i am wrong)-
The movie must be THX certified which means it is 7.1.
The sound output must be 7.1.
There must be a decoder in between the sound card/onboard sound to the speakers.
Speakers must be 7.1.

Does the software have to support 7.1? I am using Cyberlink PowerDVD quite a new version of it.

Please can someone explain fully and simply the way surround sound works what I will require and what DVD's support it. Also I read in a review of the speakers that they do not have digital in; what difference does it make and what does it use instead?
What is the best input source?
What is coax?

Also how do I know if the music or movie I am watching/listening is 7.1? Apparaently movies only support upto 6.1 at the moment as standard....... this is what I found on a websire reviewing the gigaworks:

- 'When you playback a DTS ES or Dolby Digital EX DVD you'll sit back, relax and chill with a nice smile on your face and that experience is of course fantastic. I have the DTS ES version of Lord of the Rings - Two Towers. I can tell you that is is extremely fun to listen to it. DTS ES however is 6.1 channel sound and it's as much as you'll get from the newest DVD right now. 7.1 is not yet standard and it'll take a while before it'll become common standard though......'


I know this sounds thick since I built my own computer but I don't know much about the sound side of it.

Oh one other question:
The Creative gigaworks does not come with an external decoder but the Logitech® Z-5500 Digital 5.1 does. I prefer the looks of Logitech but I would rather have the extra 155W of power and 7.1; however if I buy the Logitech will I need to buy the external decoder priced at around £100?

Also thinking of getting MX3000 mouse and keyboard combo!

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Default Re: Help!!!!!

that is one awsum system, but your gonna have to get some insane encoders/decoders to be able to handle that thing, i think the onboards not gonna be capable of supporting 7.1, mine didn't even support my 5.1!

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Unhappy Re: Help!!!!!

Can I have a more thorough reply please?
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