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Old 01-31-2005, 06:47 AM   #1
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Default Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for replying Giancarlo.

I would like it if more than one person replied because obviously one person will not know all the answers to all my questions.
The fan controller you have suggested is a very good idea, however it is white in colour and it does not look too good. I would like one with a big screen which displays temperature, fan speed, etc.

Please everybody in this forum try to answer my questions.

1) Do fan controllers only show information on fans? Can they control the heatsink on the CPU or does this always stay at a constant speed?

2) If suppose I want to know the temperature of the case, processor etc, then can this all be displayed on the fan controller?

3) I am thinking of buying the Antec TrueBlue 480W.
Firstly will this be enough for the following components:
Gigabyte SoA nForce 2 GA7 400 Pro 2, Athlon XP 3200+, 512MB memory which I will upgrade to 1Gb, heatsink for CPU, a PCI graphics card (Radeon 9200 SE) which I will upgrade for a GeForce 6800 GT/Ultra, DVD drive, Floppy drive, sound card (maybe) 5.1, plus maybe LED’s and cold cathodes etc?
Will I need more power e.g. 550W?

4) It says the fan speed is adjusted according to load and with the ability to control case fans, would this mean there would be no point in me getting a fan speed controller, and suppose if I do, can I override the PSU’s control on the case fans, or do you think that it is optional to control the fans via the PSU?

5) If this PSU is not very good or I require more power can you recommend a different one?

6) A friend of mine told me that if I was to buy Athlon 64 3000+ or any other 64 bit (e.g. 3200+), then the processor will only run at half its speed. For example a 3000+ with a speed of 2GHz would on a normal 32 bit OS, run at only 1Ghz. Is this true?

7) The Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 754 512Kb for £96 is only about £5 more than the Athlon XP 3200+, so would this not be better? However if the above question was true than obviously it would not be a good idea.

8) If the Athlon 64 3000+ is the processor to choose then is this motherboard any good: Gigabyte nForce3 Socket754 ATX Audio/LAN/RAID for £65.23, full specification at http://www.dabs.com/uk/channels/com...?quicklinx=37GF.
If not which motherboard should I get keeping in mind that anything over £65 is too much because I do not have enough money.
Also it should only have 5.1 surround output not 7.1.

9) If you do recommend me to get Athlon 64 3000+, will I need a more powerful PSU?

10) How can I find out the maximum temperature my components should reach before damage? Can somebody recommend me a heatsink for Socket A and Socket 754?

11) The dimensions for the Thermaltake Tsunami case which says ‘Extended ATX’ are: 495 x 210 x 478mm. So will an ATX board fit in this case? However my friend said that it probably does have the required things to fit an ATX board, if anyone in this forum knows if the ATX board will fit in this case PLEASE reply.
Do you know of any pics of the Thermaltake Tsunami case after it has been fitted with the components? If so please write the website.

12) This will be the first time I will build a computer, however since I was very small I have wanted to make my own computer. I have spent about 5 years doing research whenever I got the time, now I am 16. Any tips/warnings for when I build my computer? My friend had a Athlon XP 3000+, but when he went to put the heatsink on he scratched the surface of the CPU and destroyed it by mistake, has anyone got any tips/ideas/videos/pics/information on how to fit a heatsink safely for Socket A and Socket 754?

13) The Thermaltake Tsunami black coloured case comes in two different designs, one with a side window and one without. However I was wondering if I could buy the one without the window then if I feel like it; buy a separate Tsunami side window (original one). However I am not sure if I can buy the side window separately, (not just the window but the whole side so I can replace the side with a side window).
Does any one know where I can buy this from, or if this is even possible?
However I might buy one with the side window but I will pick after looking at any pictures of the Thermaltake Tsunami case after it has been fitted with the components, requested in question 11.

14) To make the case look good the drives e.g. floppy, DVD drive will have to be black to match the colour of the case….. right?

15) I do not have a credit card because I am only 16, and my parents are self-employed so they have ‘business’ cards which cannot be used over the internet. My friends’ dad has got a credit card but he will not let me order the items over the internet because his card only allows him to spend a certain amount of money every month, which is fair enough.

So this means I cannot order the items I wanted from Dabs.co.uk, which is where I was going to get them from.
However I asked my local computer shop which is quite a small shop called AD 3000, for the Athlon XP 3000+, the Gigabyte GA7 400 Pro2 motherboard, 512Mb memory PC32000 Non-Parity, unbuffered, CL3, and the Thermaltake Tsunami case;
I asked them for a price for all of those components and they told me that their suppliers will tell them if they can first of all get them those components, and at what price, but they told me that the memory will not be of the company Crucial which is what I wanted but it will have the same specifications, will this have a performance difference, remember I will be using it primarily for demanding games.

However I doubt they will be able to get all of the components especially the case, so can somebody please tell me if there is a different way of getting these items form Dabs.co.uk without using a credit card. If not how else can I get these things I want, remember I live in Kent, and there are not many computer shops around and those which are there are quite small.

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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full of questions aren't we? Alright, so be it.

1). Most fan controllers CANNOT control the speed of the heatsink mounted fan, but some can. I recommend the Muskateer System Dynamics Detector and Fan Controller System.

2). Once again, the Muskateer System Dynamics Detector and Fan Controller System will display that information to you.

3). That PSU is MORE THEN ENOUGH for that setup.
That setup is NOT that demanding on the powersupply.

4). Again, the Muskateer System Dynamics Detector and Fan Controller System will solve all question related to fan controllers and fan settings and temps.

5). I recommend the Aspire 550Watt Chameleon PSU. My opinion though.

6). Your friend needs to get back on his medication. The Athlon64 processors run at FULL speed in 32bit mode as well as 64bit mode. AMD64's are THE BEST processors on the market currently.

7). Two words, GET AMD64... AthlonXPs are NOTHING compared to the sheer power of the AMD64 series.

8). Get that nForce3 Gigabyte Motherboard. Although, I would get a 939 pin setup. 754 is dying.

9). No.

10). Thermaltake makes great heatsinks. Threshhold on AMD64's is 69 celcius MAX!

11). The case will work.

At school, Ill answer the rest later this evening. SRY.

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Old 01-31-2005, 09:52 AM   #3
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

as long as the heatsink mounted fan is a 3 pin connection, most fan controllers can. if you want to montior temps all around your case you can buy a Thermaltake Hardcano 4 channel fan speed controller, it controls 4 fans, but also has 4 temp sensors that you can mount anywhere you like and it monitors them from a digital display that looks a lot like a car stereo that you put in an open 5.25 in bay.
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muskateer System Dynamics Detector and Fan Controller System does the same, except it controls 6 fans. Anyways, continuing on your question rant.

12). Ill say it again, go with a 939pin setup. U will be able to upgrade in the future. Mounting the heatsink is EXTREMELY EASY> Just remember to USE THERMAL COMPOUND!!! I recommend Artic Silver 5 with Alumina.

13). Get the one with the side window, just do it. You will feel sorry you didn't later, and getting a hold of just a side panel is VERY DIFFICULT. GO Windowed.

14). Your Choice and taste. If you want matching, go with black. I like mismatch sometimes (aka Green on black/red on black etc etc) That is your personal preference though.

15). If the site uses PayPal, use that. Your parent needs to sign up for an account, or you may be able to arrange PAYMENT UPON ARRIVAL with the site if you email them. Just give them a call, or email them and find out the particulars.
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it possible to get side windows at major stores or do they have to be custom oredered?
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you can just mod your case if you wanna go that far
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, but the Tsunami is heavy gauge aluminum, so it isn't cool at all when you have to cut through it.
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Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

i replied to ur last thread also, so go check dat out!

a64 3200+ sock 939 @2.5Ghz !!!! YES!! I DID IT!!!!!
msi k8n neo 2 plat
1 gig pc3300 ??. major brand? @ 208mhz x2...417mhz ... 17mhz over reg
radeon 9700(software says 9600) :(:( <---- pissin me off!!!
ram runs at 2-3-3-7
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