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Default hellp!!!! PLEASE! viedo card spazing?

so i just recently bought a nice new computer system online and baught a msi geforce 6800gs from new egg to go with it. the system came with a navidia geforce 6600 which i removed and replaced with the new card. so i boot up the sysytem and instals software (even restarting it a couple times) then i turn the computer off. when i turn it on in 3-4 hours the start up screen is all weird. it goes through the startups with really corupted looking stuff (lines, chunks missing, weird symbols). then after going through a windows loading screen the screeen goes blak and it doesnt come back on. after going through this process about 5 times the computer started normaly when i turned it on. it ran perfectly like nothing had hapened. however when i turn it off after a couple hours then stared it the next day and the process was repeated. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? any input would be greatly apreciated!


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Default Re: hellp!!!! PLEASE! viedo card spazing?

I suggest you put in the origional card, boot it up and see if it works, and uninstall all the drivers for the card. Then turn the computer off, and insert the new card and cd. If that doesn't work then... well; you MAY have to reformat! Since you can't reall get into your windows box because it glitches out, that's all I can think of. You might want to try checking to see if it's not using BOTH integrated graphics AND the card. They could be conflicting. Make sure integrated video is OFF, and make sure it knows there is a card in there. Also, pull out the card, blow on it, and put it back in. Then turn it on and see what's up. If none of this works, make sure the card is securely in place on the motherboard and do a clean reformat.

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Default Re: hellp!!!! PLEASE! viedo card spazing?

I don't think drivers would be a problem since he had a 6600 and he's switching to a 6800, because the drivers for those cards are the same. Also, I've never heard of a computer (that's prebuilt, obviously) coming with a video card and intergrated... Though I could be wrong. But, definitely do what he said and see if your old card does the same thing. If it doesn't, I'd RMA the card.
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