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Default HDD Dilemma

I have a bit of an issue...

I've filled up a 300GB hdd COMPLETELY and need to/want to copy the contents to another location. I want to do this for a few reasons:

1 - I'm going to the field for a month (I'm a US Marine) and I'm taking the HDD with me. I need to copy it all (or at LEAST the majority of it...100% of the contents aren't completely vital) to another HDD as a back up in case something happens to it...and something probably will...lol

2 - HDDs fail. I know this. Had it happen a couple times and it sucks. It's good to back up HDDs anyway, especially when the contents are as vital and as hard/impossible to replace as some of the stuff on this one are.

3 - I'm going to be buying some sort of NAS as soon as I can so I'm going to have to move the contents soon anyway.

I've tried to copy the most vital parts individually and, for some reason, it won't work. Works fine for a minute, then it gets slower....then slower...then gives failure to read errors for a file here and a file there...next thing you know, it's not doing anything. I don't really know why I can't copy a disk or any large files from one place to another (even tried copying smaller groups of files and it still does the same thing...only way I can see to do it that would work would be to copy individual files and there are WAY too many of them to do that) without it taking impossibly long.

I would really like a solution that would let me image the whole disk and possibly compress it a bit. I tried using DriveImage XML since it PERFECTLY fits the bill, but it won't work. Gives me errors regarding shadow copy which I continue through, then it seems to try to work, but nothing happens.

What's going on? Anyone know or have a solution to copy my drive?

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Default Re: HDD Dilemma

Is the 300GB HD an internal drive?

And is it PATA or SATA?

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Default Re: HDD Dilemma

well what you can do is get a 500BG hdd (or ay thats higher than 300) use acronis true image to clone your current hdd, swap the clone with the original then copy the data from the cloned drive to the one your trying to copy data to.

its half arsed around abuot tit way of doing it but it could maybe be because you have no space left, theres no room for windows to do what it has to do.

try freeing up like 5gb of free space and move it in doubles of the free space, so start with 5gb free space, and move 5gb, (gives you 10gb free space) so move 10 more gb, gives you 20 then move 20gb. and so on and stuff.

just a couple of suggestions for you
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