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Default Have to get a new PSU - Current one died :(

So... I started saving money up for an upgrade on my gaming computer, BUT the power supply decided not to turn back on after it was shut off for a day.

History: I currently run an ASRock AMD 890 MB with Windows 7. Whenever I would shut down the computer from Windows, it would shut down, but I was able to start the computer back up from a mouse click. So, that is telling me that it was in some sort of hibernation mode when I told it to shut down from Windows 7. And, the PSU must have had some sort of constant power not utilizing at least 20% load to retain its reliability. (Apparently, if you run the PSU at less than 20% load, it could damage the PSU over time).

Also, I usually plug in a Surge Suppressor to all of my electronics, but I noticed I don't have one running to the computer. And, I have not been using a Surge Protector, as well.

Current: Since, I don't have a multimeter, I used a paper clip from the green wire to the ground next to it. It didn't turn on after flipping the On/Off switch. So, that is telling me it is dead.

In case you were wondering what the model is, it is a Antec CP-850.

So, now I need a new power supply, but I will also buy a Surge Suppressor and Surge Protector. Note: I will either be running a HD 6970 with a GTX 260 (Physics), or a GTX 570 / 580 with GTX 260 (Physics), and AMD Bulldozer. I need some help with getting a good PSU, and these are the power supplies that I have been looking at. Please give suggestions for other any other you may feel is adequate! (First link is to Newegg, Second link is to Ecos):

Antec HCG-900: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...&Tpk=hcg%20900

LEPA G900-MA (made by Enermax, which means Quality ): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817194083

Cooler Master (RSA00-AMBA) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817171049

The Surge Suppressor is only $5, so all I need is a recommended Surge Protector. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks
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