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Default Re: Has AMD had its day

Originally Posted by Mossiac View Post
Say AMD do fall, Intel risk another company coming along that in time could do better than Intel.
Not quite where I was going. The U.S. Antitrust laws prevent a 'cartel' type organization from gaining complete control of a single market. You cannot be the ONLY provider of a product type and have 100% of the market. You cannot hold a monopoly over the entire business and product type.

Somewhat anticipating this, Intel provided their chip architecture to AMD, then a logic chip manufacturer, to avoid this potential litigation and mandated breakup of the company.

What's so very interesting about all of this is that it seems to have been 'removed from history.' If you search the internet re: this topic, you will find nothing but a WikiPedia article describing the start of AMD as very different. I only know this because an instructor in an introductory class was an employee at Intel at one point and pointed out the documentation in our texts (which I'm going home to review now that it appears public knowledge of this is being concealed). Very interesting.

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We have the same law in the UK. But it could happen though.


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Default Re: Has AMD had its day

yeah i heard about this before, that intel basically gave over their tech to AMD to help them get started..
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Default Re: Has AMD had its day

I was an AMD fan. They were really good bang for the money and all my PCs were AMD. All that changed (for me) when I ran into memory problems on my AM2-3800+ PC and the max memory was 2 gigs for this mobo.

I've built all my PCs and this time I was going to buy a prebuilt AMD II 250 at what I thought was a good price at a local shop. I mentioned it on the other computer forum and they told me dude, build a Sandy Bridge Celeron for a lot cheaper.

Celeron? I hated Celeron for being a pitiful excuse of a CPU and they told me not this one trust me. They showed me the link to Passmark site comparing the Celeron G540 to AMD II 250. What I saw floored me.

Are you serious ?? The Celeron CPU was only $50 !!

I said ok, I'll build me a Celeron system and I did for less than $200. I recycled my 500 gig drive and my DVD-RW into this system. That was in Nov 2012.

This sucker kicked butt. Later I upgraded it to an i3-2105 and that was a really sweet CPU.
I came on a Celeron!
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Default Re: Has AMD had its day

In my opinion no AMD hasn't had its day. There will always be the rivalry with AMD and Intel and everyone has there preference. I prefer Intel as they are better and there CPU's have good performance but AMD make good CPU's at very good prices if your on a budget. My laptop runs AMD Dual Core E-350 @1.7GHz but I would like to get a better laptop and eventually build down the tracks. I haven't owned a desktop with an AMD CPU but I might build one.

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