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Default Hardware questions

i am about to make my final decision on my pc, and i still have quite a few things to sort out

amd 64 3200+
i would need to use my crappy pci gpu till i save enough for a 6600GT

Normal A8N (non sli nforce4 board)
64 3200+
i cant find anywhere in canada with a normal nforce 4 pci-e board
so i would wait a while on this option

amd 64 3000+
wait less time for the 6600GT

4:Gigabyte Nforce 3
3000 or 3200
350$ or 420$
then buy the 6600GT at the same time

so the real question here is the wait..i really want to get this computer done but i still want it to be good.

Will there be a huge difference with the 64 3000+ and the 3200+ (i will be overclocking)

should i get pci-express or agp (when will the full potential of pci-e get used)

sorry for the long post, im just woried this comp wont be up to my expectations

and btw, this will be mostly for gaming with cs:s and doom3
but i will still be doing lots of photoshop and programming

AMD Phenom 9600 / 4GB OCZ Gold / nVidia 8800GT / ASUS Crosshair 4xPCI-E
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Default Re: Hardware questions

Right you want to go for one of the nforce 4 mobos so you get pci express so its future proof. If you overclocking then get the 3000+ and get oc'ing you wont lose out on much . Hope this helps you i would go for the SLI option so you can buy a second 6600 later on and have more performance.
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