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Default Hardware problems... my computer is killing itself! (Graphics card)

My graphics card is killing my computer. It's a long story, so I will put a TL;DR at the bottom...

So a couple months ago I got Metal Gear Solid for PC. When I played, I realized all my fonts turned bold. On my entire computer. So my immediate solution was to copy all the fonts from my brothers computer and overwrite my current fonts with his. After restarting, my computer said " Cannot locate C:/Windows/system/system32" So I facepalmed, hooked up my hard drive to another computer, recovered my data, and reinstalled Windows. Just the other day I was playing TF2 and my computer froze midgame. Then after a little bit of a frozen screen, the game started moving again, but with all the textures mixed around. Then my computer restarted itself. Every so often after that, whenever I turned on my computer, my background would load but the taskbar and icons would not. My solution to that would be to press the off button, then hit restart. It usually worked except for sometimes when I would do that and the loading of Windows would freeze on the word Welcome (Windows XP by the way). I would repeat the Off, then reset and it would start working again. Just yesterday I reinstalled Diablo II from however many years ago and during installation it prompted me for a video test. I accepted, and my screen turned black, then my computer restarted. I installed the expansion too, which didn't need a video test. Whenever I tried to run the video test, the same thing would happen. I accidentally ran it a couple more times (I didn't know double-clicking the Diablo II Original icon would start it, or changing my graphics settings on Diablo II Expansion would start it also). Last night, before I turned my computer off, I noticed my Skype icon was not green, but gray. And some videos I played were all fuzzy. So I turned off my computer. This morning I turned it on, only to be greeted by the same black screen from the Metal Gear Solid episode that informed me my computer could not locate system32. Now, I could just recover my data again and reinstall Windows, but that's a pain in the ass. I at least want to know what's causing and what I can do to prevent it and possibly fix it. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX.

TL;DR: Occasionally (once every 6 months), my graphics card will have to handle something too "intense", and it "snaps", causing my computer to lose it's system32 file, resulting in only a black screen when I turn on my computer. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX, and I run Windows XP.

Thanks to anyone that helped!
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