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Default Hardware problem, bad performance

Ok, my computer suddleny seemed to start having problems with programs for no appearent reason and I decided it was time to reformat my hard drive anyway. Before I reformatted my hard drive I replaced all my RAM. So after I'm done reformatting I find the same exact problem.

All games I play that used to have around 30 fps now have around 7. Programs take a long time to load up, and in Word I can type a sentance and it'll take a good 10 seconds for it to appear. Since I reformatted and its still here I'm assuming its a hardware problem and I replaced the memory so I know its good.

Motherboard: A8N SLI Premium
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X@ 3800+
Graphics cards: 2 XFX Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS
Sound Card: Creative Sound Baster X-Fi extreme Audio
PSU: 550 Antac

It seemed to happen for no reason so maybe if you guys know which part might be at fault. Once I get the money I'm gonna replace a lot of my computer but I just can't figure it out and don't have the money to get a new computer at the moment.

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Default Re: Hardware problem, bad performance

Check your task manager. whats your cpu usage at? does it jump up randomly to 40%?

[Proc: Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3.6ghz] [Motherboard: Asus 870 M4A87TD EVO]
[GPU: Asus 5770 Crossfire] [PSU: Corsair 650 12v53a] [Cooler: Scythe Mugen 2]
[RAM: Patriot 4GB DDR3 1600] [Case: Antec 300 Illusion] [HDD: 2x WD 640GB Raid 0]
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Default Re: Hardware problem, bad performance

Make sure your not using any of the AI overclocking software for this board. This can hinder performance. When I first got my motherboard I had all the ASUS AI Overclocking stuff on mine. But removed it all cause it would slow down and speed up my CPU for no reason. So I removed it all. And if you overclock then do it manually in the BIOS. Don't let any software do it for you.
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