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Old 09-15-2006, 09:05 AM   #21
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Default Re: Hardware performace degradation

I would make sure your video card drivers are up todate. Thats the only thing i could think of. Or maybe it could be a bug with the newest drivers?

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Default Re: Hardware performace degradation

Originally Posted by Argon
on my C drive, where games are installed I have about 10 Gigs free, that should be more than enough, no? I have other drives that do have very little free space but how would that affect the performance of a program on my C drive? I will try the driver suggested above to see if that does anything.

I wish I had $200 to dish out to get another SLI graphics card, although I noticed that I couldn't find an NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, did they stop making them? That is all I can SLI with right?
Sometimes that is not enough, with my older computer i had a 40 gig hdd, and when it got done to about 5-10 gigs of free space it started slowing down..most likely it is alot of cluttered junk.

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Default Re: Hardware performace degradation

Originally Posted by mammikoura
a 6800GT is very capable of running bf2 with high settings without ANY lag. (may require more ram than 1gb though) And yes, I have a 6800GT and bf2 so I am speaking from experience.
Ok, sorry for the false info, it's just I couldn't see it being a processor or RAM problem (it runs perfectly on mine with 1GB). I guess it could be a HD problem, but since he said he formatted, I didn't think that was causing it. I have absolutely no experience with the card; I just thought it might not be great since it's a little older (I know age isn't everything). I didn't check the clock speeds and all before posting; I just remember seeing the 6800 (not GT) and thinking that I was glad I didn't get it instead of the 7800GT. (Please don't comment on how good the 6800 is; I know it can run BF2 on high, med/high settings, I'm just saying statwise, I was happy...) Anyways, just drop what I said...I didn't know.

@Argon: Forget about getting a new card; instead (if you haven't) try a defrag and also check for dust: in your Heat sink/fan (assuming that's what you have for your CPU,) your GPU fan, and your case fan(s). Anything else is beyond me. I wish you the best of luck with targeting the problem.

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