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Question Hardware Noobie, Looking to build cpu need help :)

I'm looking to build a decent gaming computer for around 600-700$ USD. I don't need speakers/monitor/keyboard/mouse. I'm planning on using my 720p 32" Samsung LCD TV as a monitor. I already have a headset in mind so I don't need any speakers. I'm looking to run Heroes of Newerth, and Diablo II on max settings. I don't need any wireless network card, I'm planning on just plugging in the cable from my router. As far as OS's go I'd like to run windows xp or vista. As far as Hard drive space goes I don't need really anything more then 80 gigs, I won't be using up alot of space.
I'm very inexperienced when it comes to building a computer, I was told it was a better way to go then buying a prebuilt model at best buy. I'd like all of the parts to be ordered from Newegg.com. I appreciate you taking your time to help me out. I don't even know what all I need to purchase. Motherboard, Processor, Video Card, Memory, Sound card?, Power Supply, Hard drive, Computer Case, and Cooling System?
I read the sticked post about building your computer and I realized that post was from 2 years ago. I liked the mid budget for non-overclockers but every part that he suggested was sold out on newegg -_-.
Oh, and I understand both those games I mentioned aren't very demanding so don't build my system around their requirements, but try to shoot for the best possible system for the 600-700$ range.
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