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Default Hard Drive Problem (2 HDs)

hi i just found my external hard drive i had some where around the house and i installed it into my computer as a secondary. this secondary hard drive was in a casing but i needed extra space so i installed in a ghetto way and its confusing me a bit...

heres a pic of it: http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/4420/img3282pw7.jpg

its a seagate drive at liek 80 GB i think and its obviously not installed right lol... its in my 2nd DVD drive slot LMAO... ok so i connected to the second connection on the IDE cable one linking to the DVD drive and other to this hard drive... they both lead to the mobo, but my primary Hard drive another 80 gig WD this time is connected thru a SATA cable... the small one right? but yea the primary boots fine no problems there but my problem is that the 2ndary HD comes up in norton partition magic as DIsk 1 and the primary as Disk 2... why is this? i ahve no idea about the master / slave process so info would help and i also wanted to kno if the 2ndary HD is cool enough and safe where its at? will it overheat, etc? thanks

NOTE: reason its all ghetto is cuz i ahve no emtpy IDE slots... sux eh

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Default Re: Hard Drive Problem (2 HDs)

you need to make sure your jump cables on the drive are set properly. Since you are using 2 different IDE cables on each drive, you can't do cable select. The set up is as follows:
That is the pin layout, primary jump goes onto the 1-2 and secondary/slave sits on the 3-4 on seagate drives.

Also, where your 2nd hdd is located, it is safe enough. Just do not place it where static electricity can get to it and you should not have any problems.

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Default Re: Hard Drive Problem (2 HDs)

Your IDE drives are always first ot second, depending on the drive jumper. Your SATA will arrange itself from the IDE config. Put your Seagate as slave and boot it.
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