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Default Hard drive install problems. Help please.

I recently built a media computer using a GA-P55-USB3 motherboard, a SSD for the OS, and 2 WD drives for storage. All drives showed up and I formatted them. Later that night one of the WD drives stopped showing up so I sent it back to newegg.

Just got the replacement today. I can't get it to show up in storage management. I don't see it anywhere in BIOS. What stupid mistake am I making? I hear it knocking when the PC starts up. I've tried a few of the other SATA ports. This has got me stumped.

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Default Re: Hard drive install problems. Help please.

I'm going to say that you have insanely bad luck in getting two bad Western Digital hard drives from newegg. Get it RMA'd ASAP, and try one last time, but get fed-ex to ship it this time.... The poor packaging on OEM hard drives from newegg coupled with the 6 foot drops of UPS don't really go together very well.

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Default Re: Hard drive install problems. Help please.

^^ The egg has gotten better at shipping drives. Bubble wrap galore.

Before RMA'ing the second rive I have one question. Have you checked the SATA connection on the drive itself? You said you tried different ports on the motherboard but not that you checked the connection on the drives.
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Default Re: Hard drive install problems. Help please.

Why send the drive back to Newegg at all? I've always boggled at this, because quite frankly it's not Newegg's fault that the drive was FUBAR. In cases where I have faulty equipment, hard drives go to the manufacturer, and motherboards and other printed boards (Video cards, sound cards, etc) within the return period go back to Newegg, but never hard drives. I'm like many geeks out there, I practically worship the 'egg, but hard drives should be returned to the maker first.

I used to be against refurb drives, but I've had refurbs from WD and Seagate that have outlasted new drives from both of these companies, and from others, so I have faith that their process is more finely tuned than Newegg.

What likely happened here Agent Zero, is that Newegg got your drive back, and sent you another drive from the identical batch of drives they got in a shipment, and while it would be nice to help them identify a bad batch, it's just lost time on your part - send the drive back to the maker so they can record the problem and track trends, instead of relying on Newegg to do that.

That's how I do it, your preferences may not be the same, so it's your choice. Just thought I'd offer that bit of insight for what has worked for me.
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