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Default Hard drive is apparently about to fail....

I have 2 hard drives, a SATA 150 Seagate Barracuda 80GB HDD, and a Seagate IDE 80GB HDD.
A couple of days back my computer started making beeping sounds. Now I built it myself and I know alot about hardware and I know for dam sure that hard drives dont have speakers.... but seriously the beeping was coming out of the hard drive.
I wasnt sure which one and the beeping stopped after a couple of minutes during which I restarted the computer etc.
Before this I had a a serious problem in which I lost all my data and I had no backup of it.
The computer went into and endless restart I tried everything nothing worked so I reinstalled XP Pro.
Recently I have had a couple of crashes and they sort of become freqemt then dont frequent then gone sort of thing.
I installed HDD Health and it predicts my SATA drive will die on the 21/01/07!!
The SATA drive is where I have installed the OS and is also where I run games off for obvious speed reasons.
Could you please follow this link:www.pictures-mitesh.blogspot.com and tell me if the problems indicated in HDD health are realistic? The program has only been running for a few days and I have not used it much since.

If I do have to buy a new Hard drive which im pretty sure I will have to, then can you please answer the following questions?
1)I have a SATA 150 ONLY motherboard, on almost every website I know every hard drive is SATA 2 except Western Digital Raptors. Will SATA 2 hard drive work on my SATA 150 mobo?

2) If so should I buy a SATA 2 7,200 RPM or a Western Digital Raptor 10,000 RPM? I use my comp priamrily for gaming so..... and I like it to be as quite as possible.

3) I found this rather annoying.... my X1900 XT under FULL load runs quieter then my LG drive spinning a disk... very annoying. Does the disk have to be in the drive after starting a game?

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Default Re: Hard drive is apparently about to fail....

Go here, Seagate SeaTools, and either run the online version or download and run the desktop version. That will more reliably tell you if the HDD is having problems. If the drive is still under warranty, you can apply for an RMA from Seagate to return your defective drive for a new one.

Yes, the SATA 3GBs drive are fully compatible with the SATA 150 motherboards.

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