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Default Hard disk usage

Everyone knows that greater the amount of data kept on hard disk slower is pc's speed.
So i want to know what max percentage of hard disk's capacity should be used?????????

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Default Re: Hard disk usage

I'm not really sure where you get this information from. but it's not really true.

it really depends on what data is on the disk, how it's arranged on the disk (how fragmented if it's a mechanical disk), how much of it you're accessing, how many times you're accessing it, whether it's the system disk, how big your page file is for example and whether that's grown to it's max size., how much space you're allowed for temporary files...

So many variables.

Feasibly you could have 99.99999% used, maybe even 100% used and the computer could still be just as fast as if only 10% was used (in some circumstances.
the max percentage also depends on the size of the disk.
1% free on a 20GB drive is only 200MB, 1% free on a 1TB disk = 10GB free

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Default Re: Hard disk usage

As root said, I don't know where you're getting your info from. You can fill your drive as much as you want as long as there's enough space for moving temp files and such. To be on the safe side, I would recommend leaving at least 500MB free.

On the other hand, fragmentation does make a difference. If you drive is full and everything is fragmented and scattered, that could cause slow downs. You should make sure your PC remains relatively defragged.
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Default Re: Hard disk usage

Windows Vista and 7 both require at least 500MB free on the main drive or they have conniptions and slow down considerably.

Personally, if I am running up past 90% capacity on any partition, that's my cue to repartition or add another drive.
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