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Default "hard disk failure", what should I do?

Well last night I experienced a "hard disk failure", now everyone weather it be a friend or someone on a forum that I have asked for help had shared the same universal response, they asked "what do you mean by hard disk failure", well I'm not entirely sure what it means so I'll describe to you what happened. Last night I was on my computer (brand new ASUS desktop I got like a month ago) and everything stopped responding, even windows explorer, I tried to open the task manager but i couldn't and then the whole thing went black and there was a message telling me to restart my computer, so I did, I tried to just boot into windows normally but I couldn't, I then did that diagnosis scan or whatever it is that looks for problems with your computer, and it goes through the list saying that everything is running fine except for this:

Repair action: system files check and repair
result" failed Error code= 0x17
time taken 80917ms

I then assumed it was a corrupt file or a change in something that made me not able to boot so I decided to do a system restore and set it back 2 days- to 2/3/2010. From there I tried loading windows again and it failed, although I did discover that if i wait about 30 minutes I get the log in screen and then i typed in my password and waited another 30 minutes but the screen was just black. I also have on my computer Ubuntu which I installed through wubi for experimental purposes and I can boot into that no problem but when I'm in there it says that there was a "hard disk failure" and there is an icon in the upper right showing that hard disk with an "!" over it. I didn't want to try to do too much with that, I then shut down the computer and didn't use it again in fear of screwing it up even more.

I'm kind of confused as to how I can boot into Ubuntu but not Windows 7, I do have my hard drive separated into C: and D: drives, and I have Windows 7 on the C:, I'm unsure which I have Ubuntu loaded on though. I do need to get files off of this machine (since it is only a month old I didn't back up my files yet, which is rather silly of me and I may end up just suffering the consequences of being negligent) which I have on the D: section of my drive (I save my documents, photos, videos, and music to the D, so I'm thinking that I the C: section isn't working but the D: is, if that's even possible. My friend says that I can get the files off my drive through the terminal in Ubuntu and taught me the commands I'd need to know if I do decide to go that route, and he said he can get it off if I really need him to.

Right now my primary concern is getting the files off the computer, I have a best buy warranty so i plan on getting them to replace the hard disk, but I'm pretty sure they don't cover information loss and wouldn't get that for me, I know that they have people who can get information off of failed hard drives but they can be pricey, I figured I'd get your opinion on the situation before I really do anything. I'm sorry about any inconvenience I may have caused and would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me.

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Default Re: "hard disk failure", what should I do?

There's probably a damaged spot on the C: partition. It could be corrupt files or physical damage, but most likely the former.
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