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Old 11-28-2008, 11:56 PM   #1
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Default Hard disk data did not erase? o.o

I installed windows xp the other day, well, reinstalled it.
I *believe* I chose to delete everything, a part of the process it was 'deleting' information so that backs up my belief.
Either way, the installation finishes windows starts up everything looks as it should, no programs anywhere everything looks like stock.
But then I right click the C: disk and hit properties and it has 50gb used. I went to explore and checked in every folder, and nothing!
Even though it says C: has 50gb taken up, when I go into the drive folder, highlight everything and then click properties it doesn't even pass 5gb.

To back up this strange thing, I put all the songs from my zune to my computer (approx 4.9gb). Then, I went to the zune folder, deleted everything and even from the recycle bin. But the songs stay in the zune program, I right click the song go to properties and saw the directory. I went to the directory through explore, and there is nothing there!
For example, the majority of the songs are in
C:\Documents and Settings\Johnny Pacheco.MANUEL\My Documents\My Music\Zune

At least that is where it says they are when I right click them, but when I go to the folder manually, there is nothing there! Even when I right click my documents and click properties there isn't even 1gb of memory taken up, when I have over 4gb of songs.

This brings me to believe that the install didn't delete everything previously, just pushed it to the side. I guess I have two windows installed on my hard drive and that's just wasting mad space. (I only have a 80g hard drive)

Is there anyway to fix this without the windows CD? (it was my friends and I don't think he'll let me use it again)

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Default Re: Hard disk data did not erase? o.o

It looks like you are going to have to buy your own copy of Windows.
Then you will have to format your hard drive to clean it out.

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Default Re: Hard disk data did not erase? o.o

Whoa...don't jump to conclusions. If you Left the drive intact, and it asked for deletion, it deleted ONLY the Windows folder. That directory is your old User directory. You can manually delete your songs ( I assume It's all songs in there) by selecting the folder and pressing SHIFT+DELETE. Click yes and all the stuff is deleted permanently.

Don;t be fooled by a Quick Format and a Delete Folder option...
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