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Default Half life 2 Collectors Edition + Various questions

Merry christmas all! Hehe, anyway, I have a few questions to ask. First off, I just got the HL-2 Collectors edition. However, I have not opened it because apparantly it requires a DVD rom drive to run. I don't have one, in fact i'm running an ancient 16x CD drive =\ . So, first off I want to confirm that it does, in fact, only come on DVD, and second off, if it does, can anyone recomment a DVD + CD rom drive (both in one?) that I could use, at the lowest price possible.

Finally, I have a crappy video card that can run half life 2 (demo) at medium-low settings. However, I wish to upgrade to something that can run it at high gfx at decent framerates. Was looking into a 9800 pro or 9600XT, however, I don't think I can get these (won't fit in my budget). Would a 9600 pro card run half life 2 at high settings, or will I have to save up more? The rest of my computer is an XP-M 2500 OC'd to 3200, and 512 megs of OCz RAM.

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Default Re: Half life 2 Collectors Edition + Various questions

1st i just got a game x plane 8 for crimbo it needs dvd rom and second u will pik one up for 20pound $40
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